Companion Animal Parasite Council

CAPC is an independent council that changes the way veterinary professional and pet owners think about parasites to better protect pets and people. S&A developed an integrated content marketing strategy to motivate changes in behavior to achieve the ultimate goal: “Every pet tested and protected.” The content ecosystem includes prevalence and forecast maps, educational videos, apps, website, social media, risk alerts, public relations, client education and research. The content strategy is bringing results with ongoing increases in awareness, downloads, views, clicks, subscriptions, engagement and action by clinics and households.

Leveraging the ick factor.

Ticks have a high fear factor, which can be very motivating. The 2014 content strategy was “Year of the Tick.” S&A developed videos, educational materials and editorial that drove home the risks of these parasites. The video series included Tick Myths and a Tick of the Month features with little know facts and risk, which received 1,000+ views in the initial weeks – well above average.

Uncovering the power of parasites.

S&A recommended an industry qualitative and quantitative study with pet owners and veterinarians about parasites. The results of the CTC Study (Connecting with Today’s Clients – The importance of local, timely parasite data) are potentially game changing for the veterinary profession. S&A planned a press event and industry launch during NAVC 2015. It took off like wildfire in the press and on social media. This infographic provided the high points in a colorful, engaging style.

Satellite Media Tour makes an impression.

The annual CAPC Satellite Media Tour announces the results of the CAPC Forecast Maps in a nationwide broadcast, and features CAPC board members. In 2014, the total viewer and listener impressions were 243,431,632 - over 100 million more than the prior year. That represents an 87% increase.

Putting CAPC on the map…and the app.

The content strategy is driving the usage and importance of the Prevalence and Forecast Maps. In 2014, the total number of map online page views was 812,393, a 29% increase over the previous year. The number of CAPC app downloads accelerates with each passing month.

Supporting the supporters.

CAPC is funded by a group of industry sponsors so it’s important to keep them energized about their contribution. Every quarter, The Map e-newsletter provides updates, results and milestones for industry sponsors and other supporters. The number of subscriptions has grown exponentially as the content strategy drives interest in CAPC activities.


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