Stressed Out/Stressed Within: The Zylkene Story

The brand positioning for Zylkene is all about the negative effects of stress – inside and out. In-clinic education helped pet owners see that outward changes in behavior are only part of the problem. The objective was to motivate a conversation with their veterinarian.


We wanted to shift the mindset about stress from simply a behavior problem to a medical one. We wove the health-related problems of stress into a headline written from the pet’s point of view. The result created both a medical and emotional connection.


This face of this Pug “screams” stress. Car travel is one of the most common stress inducers, so it’s something almost every veterinarian can relate to in everyday practice. The photo was also used in pet owner communications.


The strategy was to encourage veterinarians to elevate the conversation about stress to a health-related dialogue. This supports the vet’s position as the healthcare expert.


The copy reminds vets that clients are unaware of the health effects of stress and establishes them as the lifeline. It also highlights the key benefits of Zylkene – natural, easy, safe and proven.


Relax. It’s what we wanted veterinarians, pet owners and pets to do. It says, no worries about side effects, no worries about administration, no worries about the long-term effects of stress.

From day one of the launch, the campaign helped catapult Zylkene sales well over goal and clinic penetration targets.


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