All the Bite Stuff: The Advantage Story

The position for Advantage flea control was all about no biting. The shark is the ultimate icon of biting so we placed a shark tank at the North American Veterinary Conference to draw a crowd. That’s right. A live shark.


Advantage was in a dogfight for market share. A new study showed it stopped fleas from biting in less than 5 minutes – a key point of differentiation from the competition. We wanted the reader to empathize with a pet being bitten by fleas in a dramatic way.


We asked a bunch of people, “What are you afraid of being bitten by?” Piranhas came up on almost everyone’s list. And it was a stand out in trade publications. A note of interest: it’s illegal to bring piranhas into the U.S., so we shot a different type of Amazon River fish and digitally added all of the teeth.


Simple and to the point, we wanted to quickly redefine speed of kill and get every veterinarian to ask “Does it work as fast as Advantage?” This campaign began the speed race.

Logo and Tagline

Don’t give fleas a biting chance was the position from day one and continued for many years. This campaign reinvigorated the relevancy and believability of the tagline.

Advantage was the first megabrand in veterinary medicine and led a channel shift from over the counter retailers to veterinarians. The ethical flea & tick category was born, driving millions of pet owners to their vets for parasite protection.


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