Meet the Team

Our motto: Be the marketing person your dog thinks you are.

We’re a pack of smart, creative professionals with brand whispering in our blood.


Chuck Stephens
Our fearless leader of providing clients with big ideas that make a big difference.
Brenda Andresen
Chief Strategy Officer
Jennifer Brocker
Chief Creative Officer
Our director of creative that gets attention and results.
Pat Thomblison, DVM, MS,*QOP
Medical Director
Our very own veterinarian who makes marketing house calls.
Patrick Sweet, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Our well-degreed financial leader who drives our business brand.
Marc Schumer
Chief Innovation Officer

Our Team

Adam Castro
Account Director
Lori Sirotiak
Traffic Manager
Peggy Reilly
Senior Art Director
David Hill
Management Supervisor
Susan Wright
PR Director
Donna Stone
Senior Copywriter
Brian Scarborough
IT Director
Anita Hawk-Henry
Senior Art Director
Melissa DePratt
Accounting Manager
Eleni Mauromoustakos
Account Coordinator
Patrick Stephens
Business Development Director
Peter Corcoran
Creative Director
Carol Stuart
Production Manager
Scott Kane
Senior Art Director
Lauren Waters
Aimee Sims
Account Executive
Tara Stewart
Account Director
Zach Plost
Account Manager
Jason Landrum
Project Manager
Kara HoKamp
Account Executive
Lisa Siebert
Public Relations Account Supervisor