We are the Brand Whisperers®

For more than 30 years, S&A has focused our expertise and creativity on building brands in the animal care category. We specialize in how, why and when consumers select pet care brands. We turn these insights into leading campaigns that engage hearts, minds and wallets by finding exactly the right positioning, the right messages that resonate with consumers and ultimately drive purchase behavior. Brand whispering combines discipline and intuition, marketing and creativity, sophisticated research and insatiable curiosity. The end result for our clients is a better return on their marketing investment. This is our one thing.

A few observations and lessons we developed along the way.

We’ve developed an uncanny ability to get animal care brands to perform in amazing ways. It’s why we’re known as the Brand Whisperers®.

By closely observing the motives, needs and desires surrounding animal care brands for so many years, we’ve gained valuable insights about marketing, the business and people to help our clients avoid missteps, do-overs and costly detours.

Listen like a dog.

Dogs not only hear sounds humans can't, they seem to "hear" how we're feeling and what we're thinking. We've learned to use this same type of listening. It involves not just the ears, but eyes, mind and heart. We listen to what people don't say, as well as what they do. We listen for emotions. We listen to the market. We even listen to silence. It all speaks volumes about influencing behavior.

Every pack needs a leader.

A brand needs a strong leader to protect it, nurture it and help it survive in the world. Without leadership, a brand loses its way, never to be seen again. Even worse, a brand can be easily killed off by internal and external forces – sometimes in the guise of good intentions. Part of our job as The Brand Whisperers is to support and guide brand managers to become unwavering leaders of the position, message and strategy and guide their colleagues and consumers. In short, we provide brand stewardship at all levels.

It's not the size of the dog.

With enough creativity and tenacity, your brand can succeed - regardless of size or budget power. We've helped small start-ups take on a market like a big, bad wolf. My, what big marketing teeth you have!

Become one with your brand.

The relationship between a horse and rider is so close, their hearts beat in rhythm. To truly connect, brands must be just as in sync with their customers. We've seen assumptions, complacency and pre-conceived notions about the target audience lead to serious missteps in the market. Our advice? Get in the arena with your audience as often as possible, regularly take ideas for a ride and never, ever stop training.